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Minnie, age 12. We met her last summer with a hind limp due to a knee-cap condition known as Luxating Patella. In addition to her unstable knee-cap we uncovered multiple alignment issues of her lower spine and pelvis, which were either compensatory in nature or the underlying cause of her injury. She immediately started moving better after her first treatment and over the course of 6 weeks she made a full recovery! Minnie continues to drop by for wellness adjustments and her owner says it's like she's 3 years younger

As a certified animal chiropractor and Ontario's only chiropractor trained in animal acupuncture it is my privilege to become part of the relationship you already have with your veterinarian. 

You do not need a referral from your veterinarian to bring your pet to us, but we will work directly with your vet to ensure your pet has the absolute best patient-centred care as possible. This co-management has allowed us to be well integrated with the veterinary network throughout the GTA. 

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To improve the health, happiness and quality of life of all pets. We achieve this by offering the most clinically professional and patient-centered care possible to insure your pet's mobility and nervous system functions at its most optimal potential. ​

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