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Nikki, a 4 year old border collie cross, was destined for euthanasia after she became suddenly paralyzed in the hind legs and lost her urinary and bowel control. She obviously had a severe disc problem in her spine and was given only a 20% chance of recovery. Despite the low chance of recovery, expensive and invasive surgery was offered as an option.

Nikki’s owner’s were ‘people-patients’ of Dr Leo's who had been successfully treated for disc problems of their own and desperately asked for any help that he could give. The rest is history. This loving dog lived to 12 years of age, was able to walk with some weakness and had good urinary and improved bowel control.

This humbling experience led Dr. Leo to study the post-graduate course in animal chiropractic in an official and complete manner.

Our clinic has since expanded to include another dual-certified chiropractor/animal chiropractors: ​​Dr. Paul is also the only chiropractor in Ontario trained in animal acupuncture.

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