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​​​​​Kristen C.

"I have been recommending pets in motion to anyone who has a furry friend with mobility issues. The work they have done with my Ronan is amazing!"

Glen R. - Team K9

"The best in chiro care for 2 & 4 legged creatures."

Sandra R.
"Ten days ago Timbit, my Maltese Yorkie was clearly not well and by the next day he was having serious mobility issues, shaking and clearly in some distress. After 2 vet visits in 2 days, I was told I needed to take him to a neurologist, and I was most likely looking at surgery for him and a $7,000 bill for me. If not done, I had to consider euthanasia. A decided to try an alternative that would be less invasive as I didn't want to put my little dog through surgery and I was heartbroken at the thought of losing him." Timbit was treated with kindness and gentleness, and I was walked through exactly what they were doing for Tim. After just one visit, Timbit was almost back to himself, and today, after our 2nd visit, Tim is like a puppy again. I am so grateful to Pets In Motion for their amazing help with Timbit. I will be telling everyone with a pet about their service and how a natural alternative can help their animals."

D and J

​We'd like to thank you for everything you were able to do for Buddy for the last one and one-half years. Your care allowed him to continue his active life comfortably and pain free.

Elaine T-A

​This is a story about Dexter our 8 year old indoor only cat who is more like a dog. He was our daughters baby, her best buddy when she lived alone and now is our funny little companion after she moved abroad.

About a month and a half ago we came home to find him in clear distress. He'd thrown up a couple of times and was kind of hunched over and walking so slowly like he was in pain. 

At first we thought it was his stomach. Next day he barely walked and when he did he was walking on his hocks on his hind legs (like bunny legs), plantigrade. He barely moved for 4 days. His tail was dead, and he was sullen and hiding. We took him on day 2 to an emergency clinic and began meds.

Fast forward about 4 weeks, after spending about $1000 on vet examinations, neurology and meds (predizone, stomach stuff, pain etc) over about 2 weeks, we were no further ahead, and facing an MRI for $3000 and surgery for $7000 and staring down the possibility of euthanasia as it simply was an unreasonable price and too much trauma for him. They figured he had a herniated disc pressing on his nerves to the legs, likely from a fall.

And then I found Pets in Motion Toronto! Chiropractic care for animals whoohoo! We go to chiro, and I was shocked and delighted to find that it was available for animals.

After a quick chat we booked him in immediately. The chiropractors have been fantastic! It has been the very best thing we could have done! After 6 treatments, he has become his silly self, racing around the house, he's a happy go lucky boy again. 

He has full mobility and he is clearly not in pain any longer. His tail is about half mast now. He still is walking on his hocks but you can see it getting better every day. He is playing and jumping on his stuffed toy and running up and down the stairs with ease.

Should you ever hear of anyone with an animal that is paralyzed, save them a few bucks and suggest chiro! Highly recommended! 

And they are awesome too at Pets In Motion Toronto. Thank you Dr Craig and Dr Paul, while we are still attending appointments we are so delighted with this form of care.

Heather J. - Flow Canine Wellness
Such a great vibe in the office. The team is great with animals and humans alike.

Claudia G.

Dr. Leo and Dr. Paul are the best. Not only do they take care of us, but our dog Chase is doing great with a few adjustments from Dr. Leo. The staff are friendly and accommodating as well.

Blake S.

Dice is back, back again, Dice is back, tell your friends! After just 2, yes 2 doggie chiropractor adjustments, some meds and a metric tonne of TLC Dice is back to his older self. We're still going to take it easy for the next couple weeks but we couldn't be happier seeing him no longer in pain. 

Lynda S.

​Dr. Paul, you are wonderful. Thanks for all the care and kindness to Sky.

Elaine C.

Dear Dr. Leo,

I thought you would like to see photos from Regan's visit with Dr. Leo. Regan had a bad fall when she misjudged the height of a counter top and fell over on her back. She was so stunned and lay on her back for such a long time I was sure she had hurt herself. Since she is a senior cat I worried about the strength in her legs and injury to her back and neck. Talking to Deb convinced me to bring her in sooner rather than later.

Dr. Leo was able to calm her down by letting her examine the room first before adjusting her. He even gave her a few treats to bolster her confidence. Her neck was definitely out. She loved her treatment and slept for about 10 hours after that. What a grateful patient she is now! Based on the singing in the car on the way home she was relieved to be taken seriously over this incident. 

.​..serving the 4-legged members of the GTA for over 15 years!

Dr. Paul Rosenberg     416.231.2487    

​​​...adding years to life and life to years...